“I can’t tell you how significantly my life changed, having met with Dr. Galbraith.  I had insomnia for years, hot flashes and night sweats, and an alarming loss of memory.  I tried just about everything, including natural herbals, to no avail.  Then Dr. Ruth balanced my crashed hormones, cortisol levels and so on.  It has been 4 years now, and I’m happy to say that she ‘fixed’ me.  I no longer have any of those issues!” -Gloria G., Massachusetts

“I have never known a doctor to listen as intently as Dr. Galbraith – and not only that, to take copious notes, so she doesn’t miss a thing.  She is extremely easy to talk to, and she really cares about her patients – constantly ensuring that they are looked after properly.  I am so glad I met her when I did, because at the time I was in rough shape, and she got me on the right track to recover my health.” -Dayle J., New Hampshire

“In all of the months we have been working together, Dr. Galbraith has treated me with warmth, patience, and camaraderie.  It is valuable (and rare) to have a medical professional truly listen to your concerns, collaborate on an action plan, take the ‘whole person’ into consideration when addressing any ailments, and simply check in every once in a while.  I cannot thank her enough for ‘unleaking’ my gut!” -Bryan M., New Hampshire

“Dr. Galbraith’s loving, attentive presence was a gift to my healing, before she even suggested any medicine.” -Clove T., Seattle, WA

“Dr. Ruth’s compassion and knowledge were of great benefit to me. I really enjoyed working with such a caring individual. She clearly took a lot of time to thoroughly research my condition and possible treatments. She has a broad range of skills to draw from.” Susan C., Carnation, WA

“Ruth Galbraith is an amazing physician. She will take the time to listen to you and find the root of the problem. Dr. Galbraith is compassionate. She cares about you and your life. Medicine has something to do with intentions. Dr. Galbraith’s intention is to heal, and spread love. Those two things alone can start, and aid the healing process so much more than anyone can ever know.” – Andrea F., Bellevue, WA