Modalities Used

In the treatment of their patients, Naturopathic Doctors in New Hampshire may by law prescribe or use: diet, nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbal preparations, whole gland thyroid (Armour thyroid), homeopathic preparations, topical medicines, hormone therapy, counseling, hypnotherapy, biofeedback, hydrotherapy, naturopathic physical medicine, IV nutrition and barrier contraceptive devices.  They may also prescribe a number of pharmaceuticals (e.g. antibiotics) as allowed under their practice act.  They may for diagnostic purposes use: physical and oroficial examinations, x-rays, EKGs, ultrasound, phlebotomy, clinical lab tests and exams, and physiological function tests.

Naturopathic Doctors employ a treatment hierarchy, moving from ‘least force’ (lowest level, lowest risk interventions) to higher level interventions, as dictated by the severity of the disease and the inherent strength of the individual patient.

In order of intervention, from ‘least force’ to greatest, Naturopathic Doctors may employ the following treatments:

1. Diet & Lifestyle modifications (nutrition, stress management, exercise, screening tests)

2. Natural therapies and nutritional supplementation

3. Naturally derived medications

4. Drugs

5. Referral for surgical intervention or drugs outside the scope of Naturopathic medical practice.