Natural Medicine

Naturopathic medicine combines time-tested, centuries old healing practices collected from cultures around the world with the latest, cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs to provide patients with the best form of healthcare available.

Naturopathic doctors employ a “hierarchy” of intervention, using the least invasive, most natural methods of treatment that will work for your particular condition.  Trusting that the body has an innate ability to heal itself, naturopathic doctors know that some interventions will only throw the body further off balance and impede its ability to heal.  Recognizing the level of intervention necessary for each individual case is part of what sets naturopathic doctors apart.

In general, naturopathic health care is a system of prevention.  Naturopathic doctors recognize that the top causes of morbidity and mortality in the Western world (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity) are largely preventable.

Dr. Galbraith was trained as a primary care doctor, and as such she recognizes the importance of her role as part of your health care team.  Dr. Galbraith has developed an ever-growing network of colleagues in Keene and greater New Hampshire, and refers her patients to other health care providers as necessary.

Dr. Galbraith is happy to be the naturopathic medicine specialist on your health care team, collaborating with your PCP and any other specialists or health care practitioners you see.