Insurance Coverage & Payment Information

Cigna and Harvard Pilgrim plans in New Hampshire cover Naturopathic Doctors as specialists. Cigna-administered SchoolCare also provides for coverage of naturopathic visits. All individual insurance plans in NH cover naturopathic medicine, but group plans may not.

In most cases, Harvard Pilgrim requires a referral from your PCP.

Dr. Galbraith is a networked provider for Cigna and Harvard Pilgrim, but not all plans cover naturopathic medicine. If you are covered by another insurance company, they may reimburse you for the services of a Naturopathic Doctor, but you will need to check with your plan for details, and payment in full will be expected at the time of your visit. Please download the Insurance Benefits Form, call your insurance, and ask them the questions listed to learn the details of your coverage.

PLEASE NOTE: You are responsible for understanding your coverage, and for paying any costs incurred that are not covered by insurance.  Please call the office if you need help understanding your benefits, but call your insurance company first, as they are the experts on your plan.

Payment for services is expected at the time of your visit.  Dr. Galbraith will provide you with a receipt and a detailed “superbill” which you may submit to your insurance company for “out-of-network provider” reimbursement (if services are covered by your non-networked plan) if requested. Health Savings Accounts should also cover our services and prescribed supplements, but as always, you should confirm this with your provider.